Features and Benefits

SnirtStopper™ Premium Door Seals are a real product that fix a real problem and saves real money!

Main Benefits

  1. Saves energy costs
  2. Helps prevent garage doors from freezing to the ground
  3. Helps keep unwanted pets and critters out of your garage
  4. Fits uneven floor conditions
  5. Easy to install. Comes with Self Tapping Screws (refer to installation video)
  6. Insulated foam core helps to seal the door
  7. Specially designed floating tab rests under door to continually adjust to uneven floors

Finally, a Garage Door Seal that actually fixes the gap under your garage door!

Do you have a garage door gap? Does it let in light, rain, cold air, leaves and snow?

SnirtStopper ultimate garage door seals help with small, medium or large gaps up to 2 inches. If you have more than a gap bigger than 2 inches, check out our super large XL BottomSealer!