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thermal image before

Thermal picture of door before Snirt Stopper: average temperature of entire door was 35.8 degrees. Notice the blue color – this is cold air seeping under the door.

Thermal picture of door – after Snirt Stopper: average temperature of entire door warmed to 39.4 degrees in a period of 35 minutes.

An increase of almost 4 degrees!


thermal image after

Less cold air seeping under the door means a warmer garage and less energy wasted. Less blue means more energy savings! For more info view our Tri Fold Brochure pdf!

Annual Air Leakage Cost savings with Snirt Stopper Garage Door Seal

(download pdf)

Air_Leakage_Energy_Ssavings_by_Fuel_Type_in_IA_Temp_Page_1 Air_Leakage_Energy_Ssavings_by_Fuel_Type_in_IA_Temp_Page_2

A Garage Door Seal that actually fixes the gap under your garage door!

Do you have a garage door gap? Does it let in light, rain, cold air, leaves and snow?

The Snirt Stopper the ultimate garage door seal helps with little gaps, medium gaps and large gaps up to 2″. If you have more than a 2″ gap click here.