SnirtStopper works on any Commercial Door!

Got a business or commercial building with a Large Overhead Door? Maybe a Bi-Fold Door or Hydroswing Hydraulic Door? Or perhaps your facility has a Sliding Door, Rollup or Roller Shutter Door? No problem! SnirtStopper’s revolutionary design application makes it easy and fast to install on literally any type of commercial door. It even works on Sectional Doors, High-Speed Doors, Security Doors and Walk-In Doors.

SnirtStopper is perfect for Automotive Repair Shops, Taxi Cab Garages, Fire Stations, Airplane Hangars, Farm Shops, Warehouses, Bus Depots, Barns, Shipping and Receiving Docks, Factories, Mini Storages, Distribution Centers and more!

Seal Out Rain, Snow, Wind, Cold, Dirt and Critters!

Now you can seal your loading bay or shop building as tight as the front door on your own house! SnirtStopper Top, Side and Bottom Sealer can stop all kinds of SNIRT, including Rain, Snow, Wind, Cold, Dirt and Critters.

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs!

SnirtStopper features a flexible design and foam core that seals as well as insulates, keeping heat in where it belongs and the cold out so you save money! A well sealed and insulated door can save as much as 40% on energy bills!