The following testimonials are unsolicited and were submitted by real customers who used SnirtStopper™ Premium Door Seals on real doors to solve real problems! Also, be sure to check out our Before and After Photo Gallery for more customer submitted photos!

I wanted to express my highest recommendation for your SnirtStopper bottom seal. I recently had a new garage door installed and even the brand new factory bottom seal could not close a door bottom gap due to uneven settling of my driveway. The door installer had no solution for me, no matter how he adjusted the factory seal I could still see daylight streaming through. I searched the internet for a solution and when I came across the SnirtStopper I knew I had found it! I’m so glad I ordered it. The SnirtStopper is a very high quality product. It’s built like a tank. Heavy duty and strong. Light years better than anything I could find at my local home center. Installation of theSnirtStopper couldn’t be easier. Even the self tapping screws are included along with an easy to follow instruction sheet. It actually took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish to complete the installation.The results are fantastic! My gap is completely gone and my garage door looks great. I just ordered the Side Seals and can’t wait to get those installed! Thanks for making such great high quality products!

~Jason – Melville, New York

I finally got the door seal installed and I am extremely happy with it.  I wanted to send a before and after picture, and if you wanted to publish the following testimonial on your website, I would be happy with that:

I recently began renting a shop with a badly heaved floor; the door is tight against the floor in the center, but has about 2″ gaps at each end. The original door seal was totally crushed in the middle, and was nowhere near the floor on the ends. It was completely ineffective, and I was constantly fighting with dust, leaves, snow, and major drafts and heat loss. The SnirtStopper XL BottomSealer was the only feasible solution that didn’t involve doing major repairs to the floor. The BottomSealer was a breeze to install and work with, and it seems extremely durable. The entire concept is very well thought out. The company was phenomenal to deal with. I haven’t had a chance to install the SideSealer and TopSealer yet, but I immediately noticed reduced draft and heat loss as soon as I installed the BottomSealer XL. I’m excited to see what my heating bill will be now that I’ve properly sealed the shop. I’m not going to waste any time or money on any other door seal products.  SnirtStopper is the only way to go.

~James – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I don’t normally write testimonials, but this company definitely deserves the attention! I was looking for a product that would seal gaps on both sides of my garage door where it meets the cement. While there were several products that claimed to do same thing, they were products that affixed to the cement floor and did not adjust to settling foundations (not to mention, they were a tripping hazard and would have been a hassle when trying to sweep out the garage. The Snirt Stopper was the perfect solution.

Not only is this a superior product, Montie took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions, review my photos and explain the installation process. I had concerns over what the installation process was going to involve. Montie advised me that it could install in 15 minutes. I think he overstated this, as I would say it took maybe 10 minutes (for a two-car garage door) and works beautifully!

I am so glad I took the time to do my research and come across the Snirt Stopper. It really is a fantastic, and cost-effective product!

Thanks. I will definitely recommend you!

~Dave – Centennial, Colorado


This is Will from Alabama, we spoke a few days ago. I enjoyed speaking with you and was even more pleased when the mail lady showed up to day. I just finished installing the snirt stopper and it works great. I have included a few pictures, before and after, please feel free to do as you please with them.

Thanks so much for a quick easy inexpensive way of fixing a real problem.”

~ Will Clark, CEO, C.I.S. Inc. – Alabama

Hi. I just installed my 16′ snirt stopper and it looks awesome. Hopefully it looks and works as good in the winter as it does now. There is nothing here like it, so the $ I paid was worth every penny. This would be a perfect product for this area that I live in. Thanks.

~ Brad H. – Saskatoon, Canada

Dear Snirtstopper,

I have never written a letter like this before however this product (snirtstopper) has performed beyond my expectations. I have had a garage door next to an area (my office) that was always cold, I put the snirtstopper on that door and my office is now warm. I cannot believe the difference the door seal made in comfort for me. THANKS for this great new door seal, I will tell everyone I know.”

~ Bill Norris – Weivoda Carpet, Dilworth, MN

I purchased a door seal for one of my worst gapped doors. I didn’t think it would work as I have always had snow blown into my shop. I put on the snirtstopper and there was a snowstorm that came and absolutely no snow blew in. This product really does work and I was so impressed I purchased 2 more seals. Thanks

~ Anonymous

My floor and door are not perfect like the other ones on your site as you can see by the pictures.  It was 0 degrees outside when we installed it. The Snirt Stopper did a great job.  I hope that when it gets warmer I can make some more adjustments.  Even with the temps below zero and wind chills in the -20’s my garage did not drop below 36.  The Snirt Stopper was well worth it.

~ Scott

I got my order this past Friday and installed them on Saturday.

Installation went smoothly. Thanks including extra screws, they are appreciated. A couple of recommendations, 1. Use a #1 Phillips driver as I found it fits the screw head better. 2. If you are right handed, work from right to left to keep the tension on and avoid wrinkles. 3. I used my Werner step ladder to support the stopper avoiding kinks and wrinkles. I’ve attached a before and after, plus one picture part way thru installation. Feel free to use my testimonial and pictures. I guess I’m a believer and will soon order the side pieces.

~ Tim