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Is Snirt Invading Your Garage?

Are Snow, Dirt, Leaves, Mice, Bugs, Cold Drafts and Heat Loss causing a Monstrous Mess in your Home Garage, Shop Building, Warehouse, Loading Dock or other area? Stop it with a SnirtStopper™ Premium Door Seal.

SnirtStopper™ is a revolutionary, easy to install garage door seal that actually stops snow and dirt or ‘snirt’! Our patented BottomSealer™ and SideSealer™ keeps out rain, snow, dirt, leaves, rodents, insects and helps prevent garage door freeze-down while saving energy by sealing out the cold, creating an air-tight seal that traps heat inside where it belongs for a warmer, safer work area and home!

Millennial Farmer

SnirtStopper is tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Zach “The Millennial Farmer” Johnson had to say when we visited his farm a year after his first install!

As seen on YouTube with the Millennial Farms and Larson Farms!

Larson Farms

SnirtStopper is also proud to have been asked to help seal up the shop at Larson Farms. Watch to the end to see how we installed a double seal for an extra snug fit!

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The SnirtGrabber™ Mat is great for shops and garages! Roll one up & keep it in your toolbox to take wherever you work! Farmers love it so much it’s been dubbed, ‘The Farmer’s Helper’.

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Robert HarveyRobert Harvey
04:27 15 Jul 24
This was the only product I could find that was designed for extremely uneven garage floors and it did exactly what I needed it to do, which was primarily block out snow in the winter. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to seal their garage from the elements.
06:06 03 Jul 24
This product was very easy to install and we noticed the difference right away. We have a basement with a garage door at our lake house and we could feel the cold air from the ac coming out of the sides and tops of the door until we put this up. Sealed it immediately. Keeps the bugs out too.
Hasan RasheedHasan Rasheed
04:55 28 Jun 24
PMH 4848PMH 4848
13:46 21 Jun 24
The left side of our garage floor has sunken so much that we have a 3 1/2” gap, and even the large bottom gasket the garage door company installed can’t close it off. So, after trying a DIY of inserting a foam tube in the gasket, I found SnirtStopper online. Ordered a 3-foot length of their XL Premium bottom sealers and, Voila! Problem solved. Easy to install, doesn’t change the exterior view, and the only meaningful change on the interior is a tight seal!
Robert GotschRobert Gotsch
22:13 04 Jun 24
Excellent product , easy installation.
Bill StranskyBill Stransky
20:23 28 May 24
High quality product , this door bottom sealer will last many years .
J PurgyJ Purgy
19:09 18 May 24
Just supplying some feedback regarding the snirtstopper I installed on my 8ft wide garage door.  Installation was easy.  Followed directions closely including stretching it during application and using the proper vertical location which eliminated any gaps.  This was verified with bright sunlight in the dark garage.  The issue I have come across is that as rain hits the door and travels down to the threshold, it leaks into the garage at the edges causing water to pool inside against the wall.  I added various items including foam blocks and sprayed sealer on the blocks to create a dam inside the door behind the snirtstopper.  While I don't expect any refund or explanation, I just want to say that it should not be marketed as a device that prevents water from leaking past the door.  It certainly blocks dust, dirt (no snow in Phoenix area) so for that it is great.Thanks for listening.  It is a good product and meets many of the claims in the marketing information.
Connor MengertConnor Mengert
17:13 15 May 24
Absolutely fantastic product. There is nothing on the market that is able to fill in those 2+ inch gaps on the sides of the garage door. My neighbor suggested the SnirtStopper and swears by it. Excited to get in before the CA heat and critters kick in.
03:17 15 May 24
SnirtStopper you sell a good quality product, i have bought a couple snirt stopper for buildings around the the farm i would forsure recommend this product
Bryan FeldmanBryan Feldman
20:09 20 Apr 24
Jeff and Snirtstopper are very attentive and offer a great product. It goes up easy and they have many videos and instructions for different installations. Highly recommended.
Mike AndersonMike Anderson
18:25 09 Apr 24
A five star product. Purchased a bottom seal and the top and side seals. My garage door is 16’ wide and 8’ high and I had little faith that I would ever get it sealed. It gets pretty cold and wet in Montana, first winter in this house and I had given up on trying to use the garage for a shop. Looked at other options for the seal on the door but nothing came close to doing the job. Saw an internet ad for the snirt stopper and watched the video. It was guaranteed to make a seal, and it was cheaper than a new door so I did the order. Seals arrived fairly quick and were very well packed with all the screws that I needed for installation and some very comprehensive instructions with a link to the video of the install. All I can say is wow, no dirt or rain or snow and I can even think about heating the garage because it stays 10° warmer with all the holes sealed at the bottom and the top and sides. Big thanks Snirt Stopper, you saved my the cost of a new garage door.
David MichalakDavid Michalak
09:43 14 Mar 24
Our shop is up on a hill with four 14x20 overhead doors. We always had the wind finding its way blowing thru the cracks and crevices. We could tell right away during the installation of the SnirtStopper of how effective it is of keeping the doors sealed tight. We are VERY impressed. I have already let a friend of mine know about the SnirtStopper for his shop, and he is very interested. I HIGHLY recommend the SnirtStopper.
Shirley ManternachShirley Manternach
14:57 02 Mar 24
Salesman was very confident and knowledgeable about his products. Already have some of his products and am satisfied how they work.
Andy MarshAndy Marsh
08:47 26 Feb 24
***ATTENTION ATTENTION MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ORDER AS SO AS IT ARRIVES*** I made this mistake on a order that I placed in May 2022 YES I know that it was MY fault but it was a big order, when it arrived it came in a large box. My order was for 3 sets of side/top/ bottom for 14X14 doors and everything was just thrown in box loosely so I looked in and LIKED the quality of the product and didn't dig it all out to count, MY BAD !!! so a few weeks later I ordered 2 sets for 8X8 doors when they came I just put them in the same box. So as life goes by I had so health problems as I am now 67 . So on 2/14/2024 my son and I rented a lift to install them this was $150.00 as I got the box out I found that BOTH of my orders was short, the 3 sets of 14X14 should of had 9 pcs for top and sides, I only received 4 and for the 8X8 doors I should of had 6 pcs for top and sides and I only received 4 so I called on 2/14/2024 and talked to a very NICE lady and told her what had happened and was INFORMED that they take pictures of all orders before shipping, and I said that was GREAT then she informed me that someone from shipping would return my call that day, which didn't happen. So I called again on 2/16/2024 and talked to a different lady and she said that the person was out and would call me on 2/19/2024 and needless to say NO CALL !! So I called on2/21/2024 and a VERY RUDE MAN answered and as I was telling him about this one of the 2 lady's told him that I had previously talked to them so he tells me that the person is in St Paul and wouldn't be back till 2/24/2024 and then BARKES AT ME DON"T CALL US WE WILL CALL YOU, AGAIN DON'T CALL US WE WILL CALL YOU!!!! So the next day I get a email from a lady from Snirt saying we can't do anything but if you like you can order what you need. Well as far as I can tell I have already been BEAT OUT OF $429.14 so all they had to do is look at the photos that I was told was taken and find the mistake!! So I don't know if it's just someone not doing their job or if this is how they treat customers I really hope it's the first. Yes I know NOW that I should of checked the order but I really had hope when I was told that they took photos to see where the mistake was.
Donna CarafenoDonna Carafeno
17:03 24 Feb 24
Very easy install, good material, working well so far.
Kaye PersellKaye Persell
12:22 04 Feb 24
I bought the Snirt Stopper garage door sealer and was so impressed by the product that I ordered more for my other garage doors. Thanks for making a good product. Dave
Jeff FrahmJeff Frahm
22:12 03 Feb 24
Quick easy install and sealed up tight!
23:49 30 Jan 24
I got top and bottom side sealers. They are leaps and bounds better then what comes with the normal door package. They are very tough and rugged and look to last a long time. Very easy install. 2 people make it easier but not needed. I now ordered the bottom sealer and will review back on that as well. No question on the upgrade as it is the icing on the cake on a garage door overhaul.
Dave ChristensenDave Christensen
14:26 30 Jan 24
Great product.. Had over 1 inch gaps on the outside corners before, now it's seals up nice.
e ee e
21:19 28 Jan 24
Put on an 18ft and 8ft BottomSealer on the bottom of my doors today. Price is a bit pricey but installation was ok. I’ll see how it holds up..

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