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Is Snirt Invading Your Garage?

Are Snow, Dirt, Leaves, Mice, Bugs, Cold Drafts and Heat Loss causing a Monstrous Mess in your Home Garage, Shop Building, Warehouse, Loading Dock or other area? Stop it with a SnirtStopper™ Premium Door Seal.

SnirtStopper™ is a revolutionary, easy to install garage door seal that actually stops snow and dirt or ‘snirt’! Our patented BottomSealer™ and SideSealer™ keeps out rain, snow, dirt, leaves, rodents, insects and helps prevent garage door freeze-down while saving energy by sealing out the cold, creating an air-tight seal that traps heat inside where it belongs for a warmer, safer work area and home!

Millennial Farmer

SnirtStopper is tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Zach “The Millennial Farmer” Johnson had to say when we visited his farm a year after his first install!

As seen on YouTube with the Millennial Farms and Larson Farms!
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The SnirtGrabber™ Mat is great for shops and garages! Roll one up & keep it in your toolbox to take wherever you work! Farmers love it so much it’s been dubbed, ‘The Farmer’s Helper’.

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Ian CloughIan Clough
20:38 07 Dec 23
Purchased garage door side and top seals.So far I’m really liking this product. Very easy to install, not cheap but I don’t think you could make this much cheaper yourself. A little hard to balance following the door verses a straight line on the house. I have a few small wrinkles but nothing that bothers me. It really gives the door frame a nice polished look.Shipping and notifications wasn’t super fast, but not bad either.I recommend this and I would buy this again.
Ryan DaszczyszakRyan Daszczyszak
04:54 06 Dec 23
Great product. Have on many doors
Dale ZevenbergenDale Zevenbergen
19:40 02 Dec 23
I wasn't sure the snirtstopper would work on our door, as the bottom panel is bent up from a few interactions with vehicles backing out, but I was able to follow the simple instructions to make it work and fit nicely even with some twists and bends in the door. Great product, highly recommend!
20:04 30 Nov 23
Very excited to stop the wind from blowing around my doors on my new construction home. Snirtstopper was very fast with updates on orders and shipping. Great company to work with.
Mike BjorgoMike Bjorgo
15:39 28 Nov 23
Great product that does what it says it does. Sealed up my parent's garage that had a noticeable gap that was letting cold air and mice in. Love their commercials too!
Jared WoinarowiczJared Woinarowicz
16:41 27 Nov 23
I use my garage as a mancave all year round, and I kept feeling cold drafts in the winter time when it was windy. I saw my in-laws had the snirt stopper all the way around their garage doors, so I thought I would give it a try. Right after I installed it, I could see all the day light was gone. All the cold wind draft is gone and I even noticed my furnace doesn't run as much as normal. This is well worth the money to help keep the cold air out! I would recommend this to anyone and it is super easy to install also!
brent woodsbrent woods
23:43 26 Nov 23
After watching videos on YouTube and checking my newly installed door I knew I needed something better to seal out the cold air. Looking forward to getting product installed.
Frank HenningFrank Henning
14:18 16 Nov 23
Paul KrawczunPaul Krawczun
17:36 28 Oct 23
After watching the video about installing the bottom seal on my garage door, I gathered the tools needed and got to work.Very simple to install, needed a helping hand to hold the snirtstopper up for the first couple screws then it was a breeze.It it works as good as it looks which it should, it is well worth the cost.Paul
Timothy WinnTimothy Winn
22:11 14 Sep 23
Great service! We had a problem with the delivery and the Snirtstopper team dealt with it very well. The Snirtstopper was easy to install and it looks like it’ll work really well this winter. I’m very happy with the product so far.
Moe IqbalMoe Iqbal
20:57 14 Sep 23
I used Snirt's garage door bottom seal and customer liked it too much. Will place my order again.
Bill BlackBill Black
01:21 07 Sep 23
We always had a gap at the end of our 18 foot garage door even with the plastic weather strip on the bottom. Our concrete isn’t even. Our garage is heated so in the winter that side would freeze the slush coming off my truck. Pretty bad gap. So when I got my order in (and before I watched the video on installation) I took the old plastic weather strip off and put the garage door down. I couldn’t believe all the light coming through! Even behind the wife’s car was bad. So I took a compass and opened it up about as wide as where I thought the new seal should fit on my door and drew the contour of the floor onto the door. Then I reinstalled the old weather strip as told in the video. I followed the line I drew with the compass with the top of the new seal and it came out perfectly. I put the door down afterwards and no light at all! I’m hoping the seal doesn’t freeze to the ground in the winter as the plastic one did sometimes. I don’t think it will. This is good looking material. We’ll see. But I’m sure happy with it. I’d recommend it to anyone with an undulating concrete floor.
Eva RegnierEva Regnier
21:47 02 Sep 23
Installation went quite well. I am anxious to see if it keeps all the snow out of the garage this winter.
John LitzingerJohn Litzinger
23:18 29 Aug 23
I installed the original garage door seal last night and I’m happy to say it works great. Concrete was low on one end and this product sealed it completely. It works and looks great once installed and fine tuned. Thanks
Brad StageBrad Stage
20:11 10 Jul 23
I purchased top and side seals for a 16' and an 8' door. The product installed easily and seems high quality. The only issue was the limited amount of screws provided was at least 3-4 short based on the recommended 9" screw spacing. Make sure to have more screws on hand before installing and in my case a dark brown marker...
Renee HoffschneiderRenee Hoffschneider
17:42 01 Nov 21
Super communication and customer service! The product works great! Will be ordering from them again!
David BusbyDavid Busby
20:03 17 Oct 21
This is a top quality garage door seal, better than anything I’ve seen at the home improvement stores. I tried replacing the original seal on my garage door and could not get it in the groove. After trying several times and different techniques I finally gave up on it. I saw this a few months later in a YouTube video where it was being installed on the Millennial Farmers shop door and liked the look of it. Found the website, ordered it and it arrived quickly. My daughter helped me install it in about 15 minutes and it works great. Very happy with this product.
G. L.G. L.
12:10 12 Oct 21
Being a farm we bought this product for its function and so far very happy with this product. Purchased both the sides and the bottom for a large door and it seals the great.It is best thing we have tried before. Thanks
John SimasJohn Simas
00:17 12 Oct 21
Saw this item and online and thought it was exactly what I need for my garage door. Received the product and installed on my garage door frame. Item is well made and works perfectly with my door. I have high winds here and this has solved the problem with wind coming thru the sides of the door. Happy with purchase. Can't wait to see how good it works this winter.
Derek PoslaikoDerek Poslaiko
16:50 08 Oct 21
Good experience - easy install and effective product so far. Hopefully it holds up as advertised . Considering adding the side and top seal weather strips

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