Residential Garage Door Seals for Your Home

The garage can represent up to 20% of the square footage of your home. Yet, most garage doors are only barely sealed with a lightweight, flimsy vinyl strip, letting in snow, dirt and cold, and making it easy for critters like mice to bed up in your garage for the winter! You’d never seal the front door of your home the same way your garage is sealed! With SnirtStopper Garage Door Seals, now you can seal your garage as tight as the front door on your own house!

Seal Out the Cold and Save Money!

Our revolutionary Kevlar-reinforced garage door weatherstripping is super easy to install on any type of door, stays flexible even in cold weather, and seals gaps up to 3 inches! Seal out the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer and save money on heating and cooling bills.