Best Value Garage Door Sealer

If you are a value shopper, and who really isn’t – then you will want to consider the value associated with properly sealing your garage doors, as well as identifying a product that is itself a great value. Air infiltration is a huge problem in some garages, leading to costly loss of heat in the … Read more

Save Up To 40% On Utilities With Proper Overhead Door Seal

Keeping your shop area warm in the winter or cool in the summer is always a challenge. This is especially true if you have an overhead door system that doesn’t seal properly. Air infiltration around and under the doors creates a drafty and uncomfortable work environment. Additionally, saving money is always at the top of … Read more

Energy Saving

SnirtStopper BottomSealer and Side and TopSealers can save money on heating and cooling costs, and we can prove it!

Improving Your Commercial Overhead Door Seal Can Save Lots Of Money

Many commercial operations have overhead doors that have sealing systems that are not working. These include agricultural buildings, repair shops and airplane hangars. Air infiltration is a problem in such buildings even if the overhead door system is new, or relatively new. There are two main reasons for the costly loss of heat in the … Read more

SnirtStopper Won’t Deteriorate Like Other Garage Door Sealers

If you have a new, or relatively new, garage door you may think it will handle any air infiltration problems that might arise in the future. Realistically, that is not the case. The rubber material used for the sealer normally loses its effectiveness in relatively short order. The sun soaks out the oil in the … Read more

Check Out Costly Gaps In Your New Garage Door

The garage is, in many ways, the gateway to your home. If you have a new, or relatively new, overhead garage door you may feel confident it is keeping out air filtration, rain, snow, dirt and critters. But a close examination often shows that is not the case. It is not unusual for even new … Read more

New Garage Doors Don’t Always Eliminate Air Infiltration

Many homeowners believe that installing a new overhead garage door will eliminate uncomfortable and costly air infiltration. That is a conclusion that certainly makes sense, but usually is not true. That new overhead door system may very well be allowing dreaded “snirt” into your garage or shop area. Okay, what is snirt? Traditionally, it is … Read more

With Winter Coming, Time To Stop The Snirt

With cold weather right on top of us, now is the time to finally do something about costly air infiltration around the overhead doors in your garage or shop. SnirtStopper is an outstanding product that closes that gap and keeps out cold air, ice and snow. It also blocks unwanted pests and critters, while also … Read more

Should I Be Concerned About Small Gaps Around My Garage Door?

Some homeowners may question whether it’s really that much of a concern about small gaps around the sides or bottom of their overhead garage or shop door. The quick answer: Yes. On first glance, it may not seem that important to see small openings around the door. But the fact is that air infiltration can … Read more

Efficient Garage Door Seal Important In Any Climate

Whether you live in a cooler northern climate or a warmer southern climate, it’s important to make certain the overhead door in your garage or shop area is well-sealed. The fact is that a poorly-sealed door can lead to an uncomfortable environment in both cold and hot periods of the year. Air infiltration causes problems … Read more

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