Durable Work Mat Features Varied Uses

If you are looking for a durable work mat for a variety of uses around the garage, shop or home, the folks at SnirtStopper.com have just the answer.

TheSnirtGrabber is made from the same Kevlar-reinforced polyester material used in the revolutionary SnirtStopper overhead door sealing system.

This unique mat comes in the standard 4 by 6 feet size but is offered in numerous other dimensions to meet your specific needs. Special order dimensions also are available. The SnirtGrabber also comes in a variety of colors to match your garage or shop, or perhaps your favorite athletic team.

A special feature of this durable mat is the raised edge which keeps tools or parts from rolling off onto the dirt or shop floor.

It easily rolls up to fit into a toolbox and can be taken to the field for work under vehicles or other machinery. The mat is perfect for agricultural uses and has often been referred to as The Farmer’s Helper.

The SnirtGrabber also is ideal for auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, diesel mechanics, aviation mechanics and work around construction zones.

The standard size works well for parking motorcycles or four-wheelers to keep snow, dirt or water off garage or shop floors. Larger sizes also are available for autos and trucks. Smaller sizes are perfect for placing work boots off the floor.

The SnirtGrabber can easily be cleaned with a water hose, and it wipes off and dries quickly. The mat is durable, tear-resistant and stays pliable for years. You will never need another mat.

In addition to work applications, the SnirtGrabber also is ideal for fun uses such as a play mat for children or a picnic mat for the family.

By the way, you may be wondering about the significance of the name for the SnirtGrbber. Snirt is the unsightly and messy combination of snow and dirt that can blow into your garage or shop. You want to keep it out – and keep it off your floor.

We’ll be happy to help you with the selection of the SnirtGrabber that meets your needs – or the SnirtStopper system to prevent infiltration around and under your garage or shop doors.

Check out our SnirtStopper.com website or give us a call at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899. And, remember, you have the added satisfaction of knowing this great product is made right here in the USA!