SnirtGrabber™ Mat


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Finally! A Shop Work Mat for Working People!

The SnirtGrabber™ Mat is made for everyday people working on everyday things. Not only is it well-suited to shops and garages, roll one up and keep it in your toolbox, and take it wherever you work! It can replace that cardboard you use when you’re out in the field working under machinery. Farmers love it so much it’s been dubbed, ‘The Farmer’s Helper’.

The Perfect Helping Hand Work Mat

Ever been working under your car in the shop and can’t find the tool you need around you? The SnirtGrabber™ Mat is the solution! The raised border makes it perfect for keeping all your tools in easy reach without them getting lost in the dirt or rolling across the shop floor. Plus, the mat catches bolts, screws and extra parts as you work so you always know where everything is. Lay on the mat to keep your clothes clean and place all of your tools on the mat, and the border around the mat will keep your tools and spare parts within arms reach. The mat is the perfect floor covering for auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, diesel mechanics, aviation mechanics, farm shops, construction zones, assemblers, painters, hobbyists and more! It’s right at home in garages, warehouses, shops, barns, hangars, or even for projects in the backyard!

The Perfect Garage Floor Auto Mat!

The SnirtGrabber™ Mat is also perfect for keeping your home garage, farm shop or auto shop floor clean from the dirt and mud that gets tracked in on dirty cars and trucks. It’s a perfect replacement for Auto Mats and similar garage floor coverings. Want to park your motorcycle or 4-wheeler in the garage without worrying about dirt and snow getting all over the floor? Just park on the SnirtGrabber™ Mat, and set those worries aside.

The mat is easy to clean, too. Suck up the grime with a shop vac or just drag it out of the garage and pick it up to dump! Mud, dirt and sand clean off easily with a simple wash down from a garden hose. And because the material is quick-drying, a few minutes in the sun or a quick wipe-down with a shop towel makes it ready to go right back to work!

The Perfect Picnic and Play Mat, too!

Tired of picnic blankets blowing away? What about the kids playing in the yard and that play blanket keeps blowing in the wind or folding up and constantly having to fix it? Just spread out a SnirtGrabber™  Mat and let your kids have the time of their life being able to crawl around on something that’ll withstand the slamming of toys while still staying flat on the ground… not to mention keeping the kids clean, too, so you can avoid that extra bath time!

SnirtStopper™ Quality Construction!

The mat is made from the same stuff that makes our SnirtStopper™ garage door seals so awesome, and it’s bound with a large, rolled foam perimeter to catch and help hold snirt like snow melt, dirt, and grime! The Kevlar-reinforced woven polyester material is super durable, tear-resistant and stays pliable for years. You’ll never need another mat.

Several Sizes and Colors!

The standard 4×6 foot mat is our most popular size, but the SnirtGrabber™ Mat is available in several sizes, too, at very reasonable prices by special order. Don’t see the size you need? No problem! Give us a call, and we can make whatever size you need! Every SnirtGrabber™ work mat is available in your choice of several color combinations. Pick one to match your garage, workshop or hobby room, or pick your favorite team colors and show off your team pride!

Other popular sizes and uses include:
  • 8 x 18 Car Mat
  • 8 x 24 Truck Mat
  • 8 x 25 Big Truck Mat
  • 2 x 4 BootGrabber™ Mat
  • 2 x 8 Double BootGrabber™ Mat
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