SnirtStopper Garage Door Seal stops Snirt!

It’s time to Stop The Snirt with a SnirtStopper Garage Door Seal!

What is Snirt?

Technically, Snirt is a “portmanteau.” (a what?) That’s the name for a word created by blending other words together. In other words, Snirt is a combination of the words “snow” and “dirt”. It describes the yucky mix of snow and dirt that often makes its way indoors in winter. Typically, it’s used to refer to the mess that blows under and around garage doors with old, worn-out garage door seals.

However, Snirt is more than just snow and dirt. For instance, it’s also the rain, leaves and grime that get through old style garage door seals. Similarly, Snirt can be bugs and rodents like mice. Even snakes and scorpions are a type of Snirt! And SnirtStopper garage door seals are extremely effective at stopping all of it!

Look at your own garage door. Can you see light around the garage door? Can you feel drafts? Gaps as tiny as 1/32nd of an inch can invite dirt, snow, ice, mud, and heat and cooling loss. Bugs and spiders can sneak into gaps as small as 1/16th of an inch. Also, mice, snakes, scorpions and other rodents can enter through spaces no bigger than the size of a pencil!

Put a stop to it all with our revolutionary SnirtStopper Garage Door Seal and Stop The Snirt!

Your garage is the gateway to your home

SnirtStopper features Kevlar reinforced BottomSealer, SideSealer and TopSealer garage door seals that completely seal all sides of a garage door. This helps create a cleaner and safer garage area. These seals reduce energy loss and provide a more comfortable space by keeping out the winter cold and summer heat.

Seal your garage the same way you seal the front door of your home. SnirtStopper works on all types of overhead, sliding and large bay doors. Plus, it works on walk-in doors, too! Old style garage door weatherstrips just do not work well. Upgrade to SnirtStopper and seal your garage door for good!

SnirtStopper Garage Door Seal
How SnirtStopper Garage Door Seal works

The SnirtStopper door seal is self-adjusting. Its unique design can eliminate gaps up to two inches! Furthermore, you don’t even have to replace your current seal! The Kevlar-reinforced material never wears out, and mice and other critters can’t chew through it!

Consequently, SnirtStopper pays for itself in reduced energy costs, time saved cleaning up Snirt and in increased home value.

Installing this garage door seal couldn’t be easier!

The SnirtStopper system is extremely easy to install. All needed hardware is included with every order. First, simply align the SnirtStopper seal along the edge of your garage door. Second, be sure to allow it to follow the contour of the floor or wall. Finally, screw it into place with the included self-tapping, color-matched screws.

Also, we have detailed installation videos on our website. In addition, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary new garage door seal! Call today at 800-250-5502.

So, when Snirt Happens in your garage, business, warehouse or shop area, stop it with SnirtStopper!