Snirt Gauge Shows You How To Save Money With Your Garage

It’s time for you to Stop The Snirt!

Okay, first of all, what is snirt? It’s the unsightly and messy combination of snow and dirt that can blow underneath your poorly-sealed garage door.

Check out the gap on your current garage door to get an idea of the problem you are dealing with. Did you know that cold drafts can bring dirt, snow, ice, mud and heat loss through a space of 1/32nd of an inch? Bugs and spiders can creep through a space of only 1/16th of an inch. Mice can enter your garage area through a space the size of a pencil. It’s time to put a stop to all that infiltration!

At we have developed a handy gauge to clearly demonstrate how these “Snirt Monsters” can slither their way into your garage or workspace. You can see what a tiny open space can mean in terms of creating an unhealthy and uncomfortable (and COSTLY) environment. Here is how the gauge works:

With our revolutionary SnirtStopper you can put an end to snow, dirt, rain, leaves, rodents, snakes and more moving into your garage space. And remember that your garage is the gateway to your house.

The SnirtStopper system features both the BottomSealer and the SideSealer to allow you to create a cleaner and safer garage area. It also helps you reduce energy bills and provide a more comfortable space by keeping out the cold in winter and the heat in summer.

The SnirtStopper is self-adjusting and eliminates gaps of up to two inches – and you don’t have to remove your current seal. The Kevlar-reinforced material will not wear out.

The system is easy to install and all needed hardware is included.

So, now is the time for you to Stop The Snirt in your garage or shop area. We have installation videos on our website,, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this great product. Give us a call at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899.

Our company has a 5 Star Customer Service rating and takes pride in following the great Midwestern tradition of friendly and honest service. We look forward to helping you make your garage, shop, ag building or hangar cleaner and more comfortable – all the while saving a SIGNIFICANT amount of your hard-earned money.