Original Premium Garage Door BottomSealer™

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Finally, a Garage Door Seal that Actually Works!

Seal doors tight with the Original SnirtStopper BottomSealer™ and keep out snow, dirt, leaves, debris, insects, spiders, snakes, frogs and more!  Our patented BottomSealer™ technology features a high-density foam core weatherstripping astragal that’s engineered to seal, saving you money on energy by stopping cold drafts and eliminating temperature bridges. A warmer garage means a warmer house! The BottomSealer™ also reduces freeze down by eliminating the water and snow that can melt and refreeze under the door and cause the door to freeze to the ground. Each seal is made of heavy-duty, Kevlar reinforced woven polyester that stays pliable and resilient for years. It will not tear and never wears out, and we offer a limited Lifetime Warranty to prove it!


Got a big gap but not sure what size BottomSealer you need for your door?
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*Restrictions apply. See sample product page for complete details.

Bulk Pricing! Save More When You Buy More!

Got lots of doors? Volume orders can take advantage of our bulk pricing! Get reduced pricing when you buy 1 box of 150 feet or more of BottomSealer™! It’s just like getting 16 feet for FREE! That’s enough to cover a double-wide garage door at no cost!



How SnitStopper Works

Sealing the bottom of a garage door: Before and After

How to Install SnirtStopper™ BottomSealer™ and StopTheSnirt™!

StopTheSnirt is not just for residential garage doors. It works on all types of commercial doors, too, including:

  • Overhead Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • BiFold  Doors
  • Hydroswing Hydraulic Doors

Sloppy, loose fitting bay doors can be a huge source of heating and cooling loss and present a security risk. Seal them up tight with a SnirtStopper™ and keep your shipping and receiving employees happier with a cleaner, warmer and more secure shipping area.

Even Works on Walk-In Doors

SnirtStopper™ isn’t just for large garage doors. Got a leaky, poor fitting walk-in door? No problem! We offer the BottomSealer™ in a convenient 3 foot length that’s ideal for standard width 24, 30, 32 or 36 inch doors.

Installation is Easy!

Regardless the application, our BottomSealer™ couldn’t be easier to install. Every order comes with color-matched self-tapping screws. All you need is scissors to cut the seal to length and a drill to drive the screws! You don’t even need to remove the old seals. It’s that simple!

Seal your garage door, commercial shipping doors, docking bay overhead doors or even worn out walk-through doors in minutes with a StopTheSnirt BottomSealer™ today and Stop The Snirt!


  • Saves energy!
  • Seals gaps up to 1 inch!
  • Corrects uneven doors and floors
  • No need to remove any of the old door seal, astragal or hardware
  • Comes in black or white for a simple, clean look on any door
  • Installs easily with included color-matched, self-tapping screws
  • Average installation time under 15 minutes
  • Fits perfectly the first time
  • Fills the gap under you garage door!
  • Helps prevent garage door from freezing to the ground
  • Keeps out the elements like snow, rain, dust, dirt and more
  • Keeps out all critters like varmints, bugs, spiders, rats, mice, frogs, insects and even snakes
  • Wiper seal rides under door constantly adjusting to the floor
  • High density foam core insulates the bottom of the door
  • Made of heavy-duty, Kevlar reinforced woven polyester so it stays pliable and resilient for years and never wears out!
  • Made in the USA!
  • We ship anywhere**

* We offer a military discount for active military personnel. Call for details.

** We ship worldwide. Please call for shipping rates outside the continental US.

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Per Foot, 3ft., 7ft., 8ft., 9ft., 10ft., 11ft., 12ft., 13ft., 14ft., 15ft., 16ft., 17ft., 18ft., 19ft., 20ft., 21ft., 22ft., 23ft., 24ft., 25 ft., 26ft., 28ft., 30ft., 32 ft., 150 ft.


Black, White, Grey, Charcoal

5 reviews for Original Premium Garage Door BottomSealer™

  1. 5 out of 5

    william brown (verified owner)

    I will say I was a bit skeptical about this product at first. It’s easy to install anybody with a drill can do it in 20 mins. I my case sealed my 50 year old garage up no problem.I had a huge gap under door. That being said it’s a great product and works as advertised. If your on the fence don’t be. It’s cheaper to buy this then a new garage.

  2. 5 out of 5

    John B

    I’ve purchased (2) of these for my heated garage. My current seal on the door was fine. Being I have floor heat, I would occasionally get my factory door seal to freeze. The Snirtstopper eliminated my doors from freezing down.
    Great product…
    I now need to order one for a small shop that was just built.

  3. Brian H. (verified owner)

    I have some displaced concrete in the corner of my heated shop/garage building due to improperly installed concrete outside funneling water toward the corner of the building, which has caused broken and heaved concrete that’s gotten slowly worse over time and affects the overhead door and a walkthrough door next to it. I plan to get the concrete repaired hopefully next summer, but in the meantime I’m using your products to seal the gaps and keep most of the winter outside.

    This morning I installed your 12-foot garage door bottom sealer (regular, not XL) on the overhead door. I ordered that through Amazon and received it Friday. I had to cut it at about the four-foot mark due to a crack/heave in the concrete with a one-inch height difference between the two slabs, but the install went well and the door is now sealed up about a billion percent better than it had been when I was using some scrap foam sheets I pulled from a dumpster at work and cobbled to fill the gap. There was about a 2 1/4 inch gap on the worst end of the door and I was able to mount the bottom sealer to fill the gap. There is no light coming through. It’s very windy and 33 degrees here today (45 minutes southeast of the Twin Cities) and will be 20 degrees colder and even breezier tomorrow, so I ordered the sealer just in time.

    I ordered the 3-foot section of XL bottom sealer this morning for the walkthrough door. I currently have another piece of the aforementioned dumpster foam sealing the gap under that door. It’s an insulated steel door that has been in service a long time and seen better days, with about a 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 gap underneath it because of the concrete movement. I figured since your regular sealer worked so well on the overhead door, the XL would be just the thing for the walkthrough door. The gap is a bit bigger than the gap under the one end of the overhead door, so I went for the XL sealer to be sure it would be large enough.

    I’m impressed with the heavy-duty feel of your products and installation was easy. I watched a YouTube video and while mine wasn’t as cut-and-dried as that install, the principle was the same and it’s working great. Thanks for providing a well-made product that fills a definite need, and for making it in my home state of Minnesota, or at least someplace in the good ol’ USA.

    Brian H.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Stop the snirt is great and so simple! I just measured the width and height of my garage door and ordered the bottom and side seals to fit. It arrived quickly and I had it installed in less than an hour. I can already tell a difference. It rained 2 days after I put it on, and the garage stayed completely dry!

  5. 5 out of 5


    This is by far the best garage door seal I’ve ever seen. Our garage floor had a low spot in the concrete that caused a huge gap under the garage door. I tried everything to seal it. Only the SnirtStopper was able to completely seal the opening and keep out the rain. Thanks!

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