Introducing SnirtStopper Door Seals

With cold weather approaching, now is the perfect time to finally do something about the inefficiency created by that bothersome gap at the bottom of your garage door.

SnirtStopper is an outstanding product that closes that gap and keeps out the unwanted cold air, ice and snow – and, of course, it also reduces the amount of warm air infiltration in the summer months. It also keeps out unwanted pets and critters, while preventing outside dirt and leaves from blowing into your garage or shop.

Designed and manufactured by a veterans-owned business, it is easily attached to your garage door and all needed parts and instructions are shipped with the product. Further instructional videoes may be viewed at It easily can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, the product is manufactured 100 percent in the USA.

The uniquely-designed SnirtStopper is much more effective than the narrow vinyl tab often used at the bottom of garage doors. It features an upper (adjustable and mounted to inside of door rather than bottom) tab, a foam core and flexible bottom tab made of sturdy vinyl-rubber coated fabric that is the same material used on many commercial semi-truck tarps. The material is water/weather resistant and features tough and durable stitching.

Efficient side-door seals also are available now. They feature the same self-tapping screws and are easy to install and will completely seal your door to create an efficient and clean garage for years to come.

If you’re concerned about durability in your specific application or situation, rest assured – the SnirtStopper comes with a 25 Year Warranty!

Garage Door Before SnirtSotpper
Garage door before installing the StopTheSnirt BottomSealer

Garage door after SnirtStopper
Garage door after installing the StopTheSnirt BottomSealer

SnirtStopper Features

  • Saves energy costs.
  • Keeps out cold or warm air, dirt and leaves.
  • Helps prevent garage doors from freezing to ground.
  • Keeps out unwanted pets and critters.
  • Fits uneven conditions of doors to floors.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides insulation to bottom of door.
  • Designed so that tab is always adjustable to floor.

Real Customers Love SnirtStopper!

“I have never written a letter like this before, however this product has performed beyond my expectations. I have had a garage door next to an area (my office) that was always cold, I put the Snirt Stopper on that door and my office is now warm. I cannot believe the difference the door seal made in comfort for me. THANKS for this great new door seal, I will tell everyone I know.”

So, now we know that many of you are asking – WHAT IS SNIRT?

And the answer – Snirt or a mixture of snow and dirt is the term popularly applied to the windrows of dirt along the roads during a Minnesota winter.

Yes, the SnirtStopper works great in Minnesota, but the product has been shipped to happy customers all across the United States, Canada and even in Europe and Australia.

Order your SnirtStopper today and begin realizing the benefits of having an economical and effective way of achieving a more comfortable and efficient garage or shop area.